afterglobe (n.) The warm, fuzzy feeling one gets after a long, immensely satisfying trip.

Stumbled across this little quote today. The closer I get to heading home, the more I feel like this. 

Stumbled across this little quote today. The closer I get to heading home, the more I feel like this. 

Mom and I by the Three Sisters. 
Katoomba Cascades
Mom and I at Cascade Falls.
The famous Three Sisters 
Jess, Mom and I enjoying the view of Wentworth Falls.
View of Wentworth Falls 
Mom and I at King’s Tableland.
Trees changing color at the Nepean River

Blue Mountains

Had to wake up super early for our third day in Sydney because we decided to go on a tour of the Blue Mountains! Our first stop was morning tea at the Nepean River, which had lots of pretty ducks and autumn trees changing colors. Then we drove into the Blue Mountains and stopped at a lookout called Kings Tableland. You could see everything, and all the blue  ’mist’ rising of the eucalyptus trees. Our next stop involved walking down 240 steps to Wentworth Falls. We got a couple pictures and a nice view of the waterfall. We then stopped in the little town of Leura and got frittata and chai lattes for lunch before viewing the famous Three Sisters Rock Formation from a little ways away. Jess, Mom and I opted out of a sky tram ride and decided on a little hike instead. It was so worth it. The Katoomba Cascades were so beautiful, and we got to hike along the forest floor which felt like a rainforest. Then we hopped back in the car to drive a bit more to get to see a closer view of the Three Sisters. Our last stop was at Olympic Park, where we got to see some of the arenas of the 2000 Olympic Games. And last but not least we took a river cruise along the Parramatta River back to Circular Quay. 

After locating the correct bus stand to take us back home, we happened to stumble upon The Rocks and the Fortune of War Pub, which is the oldest pub in Sydney (open since 1828)! Mom and I both enjoyed our Aussie Pies for diner and Jess ordered fish and chips for her last night in Australia. We then went down to the bar to enjoy a beer. To wrap up a long, fun and successful day, we even got on the right bus back to our hotel!